Principal's Message 2017-18

Dear Heroes K-8 Community:

It is with great enthusiasm that I enter the upcoming school year as principal at Heroes K-8 Academy.   As an original the member of the Innovation Planning Committee, I feel a deep sense of personal commitment to the successful implementation of the innovation Plan at Heroes.  The work done by that group of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, serves as the foundation of the work we will take on during the 2017-18 school year.

I am deeply passionate and highly committed to the success of the students, teachers, and staff in the Heroes Academy community.  I am resolute in the belief that all kids can learn, and my past experiences as an educator and with the students at Heroes have me more convinced of this than ever before.  I am without doubt that students at Heroes can achieve at levels above the state average and deserve to be schooled in a manner that guarantees their success.  Mortimer Adler said, “The education demanded by the best educated parents, is the education that should be provided for all students.” I am fully convinced that the very, very capable young people at Heroes Academy deserve and to be afforded this type of education, and this year it is my mission to see that this becomes a reality at Heroes Academy.

The newly adopted Innovation Plan and our newly formed management partnership are the building blocks and framework for the reform that will be taking place at Heroes.    I hope that each parent will take the time to look at the principal entry plan for the first few months of school, as well as the Innovation and Management Plans for Heroes K-8 Academy.


Julie Shue M.A.

Principal Heroes Academy

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