6th grade supply list

Heroes Academy: Revised 6th Grade Supply List ~ Both Classes:

As we are setting our classroom procedures, we are seeing a need to equip our students with organization skills in order to succeed in 6th grade.  They will have handouts and notes to keep for studying and tests (not the unit end tests). 

1 ream of white copy paper

1 package of 24 count colored pencils / 1 package of markers

2 packages of #2 pencils or mechanical pencils

3 boxes of tissue (will be stored in the classroom)

1 set of head phones for use in the computer lab

1 4pack dry erase markers

4 composition books (reading, writing journal, vocabulary, and science)

2 spiral notebooks (Social Studies and Notes)

Three large book covers

We suggest one large binder with at least four sections (Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, and Science)   Students were provided with folders by Miss Lawson. 

Thank you!


Yolanda Lawson and Cindy Gehlhar