Dress Code 2018-2019


2018-2019 School Year


Heroes K-8 Academy uniform dress policy is designed with the intent of supporting positive student culture, safety and pride for students.  Standardized dress policy improves academic achievement, safety, student focus, discipline, self-esteem and school spirit. All Heroes students must attend classes in uniform and be outfitted in appropriate apparel. Students are required to DRESS FOR SUCCESS.  Parents/guardians are key to the success and effectiveness of the policy.  Dress code will be checked throughout the day by all school staff.  If you need help with your child’s school uniform, our community advocate can help.  Please call ahead on a day when your child is being sent to school out of uniform so we can support your child.  When needed the school has washer and dryer services for washing school uniforms, uniform items for purchase, and in some sizes, items for loan. Please see Pg. 14 of the Family Handbook for more information.


  • Short-sleeved polo shirts or t-shirts worn by Heroes K-8 Academy students must be in a solid forest green, gold, black or navy blue with a Heroes logo. The polo shirts MUST have the Heroes logo. 
  • Students may wear designated Heroes t-shirts, sold at designated vendors such as Embroidery Plus, Sonny’s, and the Spirit Store. Shirts shall not be altered in any way (i.e. tied in back, rolled up, marked on, etc.).
  • Shirts must be sized to fit.  (No over or undersized shirts) 
  • Shirt hems must hang lower than the belt line and above the mid-thigh.
  • Undershirts-students may wear only solid white, grey, gold, forest green, or black t-shirts (short or long sleeved). 
  • DISTRICT POLICY:  Hoodies WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOL DURING SCHOOL HOURS AT ANYTIME except as students enter or leave the school, as weather requires.  This includes the cafeteria and at lunch recess if the temperature is 70 degrees or above. Some uniform vendors sell hoodies with the Heroes logos, these are not school authorized and will not be allowed at school. Hoodies are to be put in lockers and left there for the day or they will be held at the office.
  • Students may wear crew-neck sweatshirts in the classrooms in school colors of forest green, grey, gold, or black WITH the school logo.

PANTS/SHORTS (This year Heroes consider if jeans will continue to be worn in 2019-20.)

  • Students may wear SOLID, black or khaki pants or jeans. (Sweat pants, gym shorts, yoga pants, are not allowed including pants with patterns or alternative colors)
  • The school is considering illuminating jeans starting in 2019-20.
  • Students may wear jogger pants as long as they are solid khaki or black material (no stripes).
  • Pants/shorts should be design neutral, free of holes, rips, tears, logos, zippers, chains, grommets, hooks, clips, design, or lettering. 
  • Pants/shorts should be sized to fit (No sagging or bagging).  Belts should be worn if necessary.
  • Shorts will be a minimum of knee length (Bermuda shorts).   Athletic style/gym shorts in P.E. Only


  • Girls may wear skirts or rompers that are knee length and are either blue denim, khaki, or black.
  • Students may wear capris that are blue denim, khaki or black.


  • Belts must be neutral colored, sized to fit and remain in the belt loops at all times.  No long hanging belts.
  • Belt buckles must be free of design and lettering and should not be excessively large.
  • Lanyards also may not be left to hang outside of pockets


  • No gloves, gauntlets, hats, wristbands, scarves, or combat boots are be permitted.
  • Shoes must be appropriate/outdoor shoes (no slippers). Students may wear black, gray or white tennis shoes. (Red is discouraged due to gang affiliation) and if the school has reason to believe that shoe color or other clothing items are being worn to promote gang affiliation, the shoes or item will not be allowed for that student.)  
  • No wallets with chains are allowed. Large necklaces/beads must be tucked under the shirt and not visible.  Including rosaries, which must be tucked inside the wearer’s shirt at all times.
  • Piercings: (Non-ear) are limited to one, and must not pose a safety hazard, such as large loops, hoops, or pointed spikes, NO GAUGES bigger than the size of a pencil are allowed.
  • Jewelry that creates a safety hazard such as large hoop earrings will be removed as directed by school official when deemed unsafe or potentially hazards as defined by administration.
  • Unnatural hair color and/or unnatural colored eye contacts are not allowed.

Please see pg. 18. For student discipline for dress code infractions.